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DANI DANIELS VIDEO REVIEW“This toy just feel right into my lap- pun intended. Probably the most interesting toy I’ve ever seen- The Waterslyde! I’m a bathtub masturbator so this is right up my alley. Watch and see what I think of it!” -Dani


“The water slide lives up to its tag line…good clean fun! I had the opportunity to try this product and had amazing success. This was new to me as nothing had succeeded in the past. ” SS, 42


“I was quite diffident about using this product. However, the innocuous design and playful color took away any reservations I might have had. My kids love using the water slyde in the bath, running water through the canal along with other bath toys in the tub. They have no idea that it’s a mommy toy. Not even my husband has asked. I am very pleased that I can enjoy myself discreetly with this product! CS, CT”


“I love the waterslyde! It is relaxing, stimulating and so much fun. I never thought I could be so aroused with just myself and water. And you are staying clean at the same time. It’s a magical dynamic.” RR, CA

“Waiting for the bath to fill has never felt so good. It feels so nice and I’ve never felt cleaner after a bath! I like to hang the slyde off of my shower head after bathing to dry, it fits perfectly and discretely there. I would recommend the water slyde to any of my friends looking for a way to enhance bath time.” SN, CT

“As a Long time Psychology professor , I had the privilege of teaching Maureen ‘ Human Sexuality” She was not only the brightest student  but also the highest creative innovator of my class. Her performance and ingenuity in class projects transformed  the whole class to a higher level of Human Sexually experience. It is a pleasure to see how all this talent, creativity and caring for others was channeled to her invention of the WaterSlyde . You will receive hours of pleasure that ascends to a higher  level of personal experience.”

Dr. Robert Yaronne
Psychology , Author